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Frequently Asked Questions about the 3 Day/2 Night Travel Certificates

Q: Is SmarTravel Biz affiliated with my sponsor?

A: No. SmarTravel Biz is not affiliated with the company or person you received your promotional voucher from. It is true we did sell them our product – which can only be fulfilled, based on the Terms outlined on your voucher. We have no way of knowing their marketing practices; we are only a third party vendor. PLEASE READ YOUR TERMS.


Q: I was told this was a FREE trip!

A: “There are no representations other than what is printed on this certificate”. The Terms and Conditions is printed on the Certificate to inform you, the user, that no matter what you have been verbally told by “whomever” the only the terms and conditions printed on the Certificate can be fulfilled. That disclaimer is to protect you and our company from any misrepresentations.


Q: What type of hotel accommodations will I receive on this offer?

A: We guarantee that you will receive deluxe hotel accommodations.


Q: Can I order more than one 3 day 2 night vacation certificate?

A: Yes, you can give them away to friends  and relatives as a gift or you may use them as fund raisers, However two or more vacation certificates may not be used consecutively or within the same year.


Q: Can I use 2 certificates back to back for 4 free nights?

A: No! Anyone caught using two certificates back to back or in the same city within a 12 month period will have their reservations cancelled.


Q: After I pay the registration fee, what other costs will I be required to pay?

A: Just a fee to cover the cost of room taxes, when following the terms and conditions, which require you to register your reservation form, book your rooms in advance, and not travel the week of a holiday or on weekends.

Q: Do I get to pick the hotel?

A: No! You get to pick the city and the travel dates. We guarantee that your accommodations will be first class. We have never received a complaint about the hotels since all bookings are done at quality hotels.


Q: What happens after I send you the registration fee?

A: You will receive back a reservation form for the city of your choice. You simply fill out the reservation form with your dates and mail it to the room broker reservation office. If you follow the simple terms and conditions and select dates 45 days in advance and not the week of a holiday, you will be confirmed.


Q: How long does it take to receive our order?

A: That all depends on when you placed the order. Once an order is placed it takes about 24-48 hours to be processed and shipped. All orders placed over the weekend will be processed on Monday.


Q: How long does the customer have to use the vacation once I issue it?

A: The certificate you give the customer has no expiration date. Once the customer orders the reservation form by sending in the certificate you gave them, they have 1 year to travel.


Q: Customer Service!

A: Using all best-known name hotels, our customer service and reservation department gives personal care to every one of your travelers. Your customer is our customer. Our business growth is based upon both value and service. The friendly people that work here will answer your customers’ questions.


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