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Custom printing of your Business Name, Phone Number and/ or Web Site  is available on  orders of 500 or more.

You can have up to  2 Lines/ 30 characters per line.

There are NO expiration dates on these certificates

Shipping - Flat rate of $10 (If actual cost goes higher, we'll pay the difference)

Due to our low pricing structure, orders of 1,000 certificates are the most common. However, we are happy to welcome all customers with a small minimum order of 100.

We work with many different hotels in each location. The published room rate at our resorts averages between $79-$199 a night, and absolutely no timeshare presentations are required.

Allow 10-14 Days for custom orders.

How can we make these  vacation offers?

We are able to extend this incredible offer because some travel providers have decided that they want to monetize their unsold space. Hotels anticipate that a certain portion of their capacity will remain unsold. An average hotel is usually 80% booked. Rather than letting the remaining 20% of the rooms sit empty they prefer to give them away. The higher the occupancy rate the higher the sale of the other services they provide, like gift shops, bars, restaurant, etc. However you are not required to make any purchase. In addition studies have shown that if vacationers enjoyed their first visit they will return for another vacation. Also they will tell there family and friends about their wonderful trip.
This is a win-win situation for both the hotels and the consumers  

100 @ 90 cents each = $90 250 @ 60 cents each =  $150 500 @ 50 cents each = $250 1000 @ 40 cents each = $400

3 Day / 2 Night Vacation Getaway

This full color vacation certificate will be imprinted with your business name

 for you to give to your customers to increase leads and create sales.
(to get your name or message imprinted a 500 certificate minimum is required)

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